Mele Kalikimaka 3d Dance Families!

3d’s Christmas show 2019 is going to have a theme! “Christmas Luau” We invite not only the performers to dress in this theme, but the audience as well!! Lets have fun with this because you know we will have lots of prizes!

When: Sunday December 22nd- 10am, 1:00pm, 4:00pm

Where: Northampton High School- 1619 Laubach Ave, Northampton PA

Tickets: $7.00 each (performers do not need one) (all fees are included)

Tickets release on  on December 1st at 7:00 pm

*Each DANCER/GYMNAST will be allowed to purchase 2 tickets for the first 24 hours! After 24 hours (December 2nd, 7:00pm) you may purchase however many tickets you wish! This show sells out fast so we feel that this is the most fair way to do things and secure a spot for mom & dad!

*These shows DO sell out.  Once we reach capacity, we are unable to sell anymore tickets and none will be available at the door. As always, we suggest getting your tickets the moment they release.  The seats are NOT assigned, it is general admission, but everyone attending must show a ticket at the door either printed or on their phone. Lap children are FREE (under the age of 2, but they MUST be on a lap! )Seating is on the bleachers.  If you have any handicapped parties in your group, please let us know when you arrive, and we will do our best to accommodate you! 


1. Our Holiday show is SUPER informal and FUN! This is NOT like the recital.  It is quickly taught, learned and performed! This is an opportunity to see your child’s progress mid year! Since we have so many students we make sure every child has at least ONE dance + the finale! (no matter how many classes they take)


2.To clarify: All recreational students are to choose ONE show.  You can find our show guide here and click on Christmas Show Tab. For example: If my child is in an age 5-7 combo class, and it was highlighted RED that means their class participates in the 10 am show, and that is the show I attend. Now, If my class is highlighted GREEN (meaning 1:00 show) BUT i cannot make it OR my sibling is only in the 4:00 show, just make sure there is a section of your class (meaning same age but a different day and time) performing in your siblings show and you are welcome to switch to that! SAME GOES FOR IF YOU CANNOT ATTEND YOUR ASSIGNED SHOW AND NEED TO SWITCH. Competition Students are welcome to participate in all 3 shows. The Christmas show is supposed to be stress free and enjoyable for the entire family!

*If you are still unclear about which show your child can participate in, please stop into the office or see your child's teacher!

*The ALL AGE Musical Theater routine runs in every show! Please choose one! (unless you are on competition and at multiple shows)


3.  Doors will open for performers & the audience 30 minutes prior to show time! Seats are NOT assigned, they are first come first serve!


4. ALL students are included in this show- dance, gymnastics & theater!! It is so awesome to see so many programs coming together, supporting one another, and putting on three AMAZING shows!


5. WHAT TO WEAR: all performers are welcome to wear ANY holiday attire. Our theme this year is 3d’s 2019 Christmas Luau. That means Hawaiian shirts, grass skirts, and your best summer gear! Please make sure your dancers/gymnasts are still able to move and groove! Wear ballet shoes, jazz shoes, half shoes, bare feet or sneakers! Whatever they prefer! Go all out in crazy holiday gear, we LOVE IT!

*This year we are inviting the audience to dress up as well!! Let’s have SO much fun and bring Hawaii to Northampton!


6. KISS THE CAST: one of our favorites for the Christmas show is Kiss The Cast! Any child is welcome to participate. Your friends and family can purchase Hershey "kisses" to put in the bag to show their love and support! The kids pick this up at the end of the show!


7. Also, we have snacks/drinks available for purchase at the show- all benefiting our competition team! Come hungry! 

-Please do not bring your food into the gym.

-If you are staying for multiple shows, we will have lunch foods! 

 Again, eating will not be allowed in the gym- even between shows. 

Please, if you have any questions, it is easiest for you to see your child's teacher! There is lots of important information in here, so be sure to read carefully!

Happy Holidays! Let the FUN BEGIN!


Miss Danielle