Deposits: DUE BY: October 15
💙Blue Classes: are competition and have a $45 deposit
💜Purple classes: are recreational and have a $30 deposit
💙💜Both BLUE AND PURPLE have a $30 remainder due December 1.
💟White classes: do not require a deposit or remainder, that teacher will coordinate a costume with the class from home.

All costume deposits can be paid by cash or check. To keep our pricing low,⬇️ we will not be including tights this year. (we haven't raised costume prices in years👍) We have noticed over the years dancers have tons of our recital tights at home that can be reused. If you need a new pair, we will have them available for sale at a VERY low price in the spring. ($5-8)
🚹recreational boys in multiple classes: please only make one deposit!