We are fairly new to 3D Dance, but the amount of joy and smiles I see everyday from my daughter has brought me to happy tears on more than one occasion and I owe that happiness to 3D Dance!! My daughter has always been very shy and had difficulty opening up to other kids, but the girls in her class have been so sweet and inviting that my daughter begs for Monday to come so she can see her friends again! Her teacher, Miss Christina, has been incredible for my daughter. She is terrific at balancing encouragement and confidence, at the same time providing constructive criticism in a way that little girls can respond to. I can't thank you guys enough for bringing my little peanut out of her shell!!!-- Shana Robinson

 Best dance studio, hands down. All of the teachers and staff do their best to create an atmosphere of respect, acceptance, friendship, and support. It' sheen such a blessing and so encouraging to try something new this year, and I fully intend on remaining a part of the 3D family.- Veronica

"Dance. Some think of it as a way to pass time at a club or at home.  But, to us it means more than that...much much more.  To us its a way to speak everything on our hearts and minds without saying a word.  What we do is more than some people could ever know or imagine.  To us its a teacher.  It teaches poise, balance and grace.  It also teaches us about being confident, persistent, and never ever believe that we can't do something because its "hard".  It shows that you can face a challenge and come out of it being a winner.  We put 100% of everything into this.  We give our hearts, sweat, tears and blood into what we believe and love.  To most that will never be enough.  But, in our hearts and our minds we know what we do and we love every last bit of it.  So go ahead and think that we are a bunch of guys & girls leaping across the stage in pink tutu's.  But don't waste your time trying to tell us that because I guarantee you'll be disappointed with our response.  You cant change who we are. WE ARE DANCERS!"

-Sophia Getter, Dancer, Age 14


Where do I start???? I guess I should start with the #1 reason we are at 3D Dance and that would be Miss Danielle!!!!  Miss Danielle truly brings the love of dance in a fun way. Miss Danielle is kind, compassionate, encouraging, understanding and  has sooo much patience. Miss Danielle love for dance is infectious and it shows in all that Kelsey has learned! We meet Miss Danielle about 7 years ago when I was signing Kelsey up for dance classes. I was a bit  leary of signing Kelsey up for hip hop class and Miss Danielle was so encouraging and convinced me to sign her up and so I did...  And thank God I did because its Kelsey favorite type of dance !!!! Because of Miss Danielle , Kelsey has developed a enormous love for dance!!! As a parent,  I love to see the passion my daughter has developed for dance and I owe that all to Miss Danielle!!! Thank you Miss Danielle for all that you do for Kelsey and the whole 3d dance family !!! Xoxoxo xoxoxoxox

-Cheryl Anthony, 3d Dance Parent


 Hi, my name is Miss Alyssa. I am 12 years old and I am a dancer and a student teacher at 3D Dance Studio. I absolutely love working with Miss. Danielle because she makes learning so much fun. My favorite thing about being a student teacher is being able to inspire little girls to keep on dancing. I love to dance because I can express my feelings and emotions through movement. I also love to challenge myself when I learn new moves. Dance is something that I have been doing for about 6 years now and I have had a passion for it since I've started. Dance is basically my life, it's hard to explain how much I love it.

-Alyssa, Dancer, Age 12


 I love Miss Danielle and 3D Dance so much! I rave about her to anyone who will listen! It is easy to see that she genuinely ADORES her students. She has created an environment where girls can be themselves, learn dance, and most importantly have fun! She even does special princess dress up classes or days where they can bring their favorite doll. I feel so BLESSED to have her in my daughters' lives, not only as a dance teacher, but also as a positive role model. My girls will always be 3D Dance girls ♥ -Angela Laury, 3d Dance Parent

We absolutely love 3D dance!!! Miss Danielle has been amazing since day 1!!! My 7 yr old has been dancing with 3D since she is 3 and has become such a beautiful dancer!!! Every part of dancing with miss Danielle is based around fun which is extremely important to me as a parent... I want my daughter to be interested in dancing because she's enjoying it not because it is forced...it's been the best experience!!!! And now my other daughter who is also 3 started dancing as well!!! We love miss Danielle & we ❤️3d dance!!!!- Cassie, 3d Dance Parent