Slow and steady wins the race right? That’s going to be our motto moving forward! We decided to designate two days to our recreational program and two days to our competition program to START! This will ensure smaller class sizes, a limited amount of people in our building at a time and the opportunity for all guidelines to be followed. But don’t worry, it also allows us tons of room to GROW! As you all become more confident in returning, we will be able to make your scheduling dreams come true!
Below you will find our recreational program for recreational students ONLY. These will all be available for both in studio class AND virtual on zoom. My comp peeps, we didn’t forget about you!! We want to finish our comp season first before we move forward. Rehearsals will be held in August to help us prepare🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻
Start dates and pricing will be determined as we get closer. (Aiming for September!) Want to make sure you get one of our LIMITED spots?? Make sure you FOLLOW us on social media. (Facebook and insta!) for all UPDATES!
*classes sizes will be determined based on studio capacity and cdc guidelines at our future start date!
Our official guidelines are also listed below as of 7/24/2020, along with a new program that we are hoping to kickoff to help with the adjustment of any necessary homeschooling! Need a physical activity credit? Or a safe/ clean time to socialize? This is it!
We remain excited and positive for the new adventures that 3d continues to take us on! So stay tuned and continue on this wild ride with us! Share with your family and friends so together we can rebuild 3d! We love ya, ALWAYS!